VENETI Food Hall

The first multi-faceted hall of taste has just arrived

In 2010 our company took the lead of innovation once again by introducing a new concept in the fast-food industry: the new VENETI FOOD HALL stores are multi-faceted indoor markets where customers can enjoy a range of delicious goods signed by VENETI. The new stores can accommodate you with a full, all-day menu at competitive prices, such as full breakfast, the richest and most aromatic coffee varieties, signature patisseries, and Greek and Mediterranean homemade meals, to name but a few. On the food-hall’s shelves our customers will also find the top-notch products of VENETI, as well as a brand new range of high-fibre goods, which VENETI has just brought into the market for the first time.

VENETI FOOD HALL is the ideal choice for every customer who wishes to indulge in deliciously-made, tasty treats throughout the day, such as the VENETI Breakfast, a long variety of bread products, in-between meals and snacks, signature homemade meals, salads, desserts of the day, catering services and branded products made with the purest ingredients.

Apart from fresh, homemade meals, the new VENETI FOOD HALL store accommodates our customers with the finest baked goods in the market. With many years’ experience behind us in the mixing of pure and natural ingredients, VENETI, like an obsessive collector of tastes, is bringing to the shelves of the new stores all sorts of products: traditional pastries based on recipes from Italy, France, Greece and Spain, dark-bread treats from Switzerland, Germany and Austria, a really wide baguette range, many Italian-pizza choices, plenty of breakfast options, savoury and sweet pastries based on recipes from various European cities, many patisserie and bakery goods inspired by Italy, France, the US, Greece, Lebanon and other countries in the Middle East, crispbreads from all over Greece and a great collection of coffee varieties, other beverages and gelateria products.

In VENETI FOOD HALL customers can choose from a range of light, Greek-cuisine meals, and a large selection of fresh richly-made salads prepared by Yannis Tzelepis on a daily basis. Yannis Tzelepis is set in our VENETI FOOD HALL store as an acclaimed Chef, who - amongst everything else - has received 2 Golden Chef’s Hat awards and has closely worked with the very best of high-end gastronomy.

But the greatest novelty of the new stores, affirming once again our leading and pioneering position in the Greek market, is the freshly-introduced range of 12 high-fibreproducts. In order to meet our customers’ needs for a healthy lifestyle, VENETI created a range of 12 new products for those who wish to consume them as part of a balanced diet.   


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