02.07.15 | Press

Free-Bread Initiative


VENETI stores Free-Bread initiative

for pensioners, large families, and unemployed and needy people.

 In response to the country’s economic turmoil, VENETI BAKERY is once again helping the Greek family, by initiating, from tomorrow July 3rd, free-bread giveaway to pensioners, large families, and unemployed and needy people.

In particular, pensioners, needy people or people who have many children, they will all be able to receive free bread from all VENETI stores, further to displaying the necessary identification card. Our initiative will continue until the reopening of the banks and the end of this disorderly situation currently experienced in the market and the country.

We will give away the following types of loaves: the Luxury Loaf, the Traditional Handmade loaf, the Petromilos Loaf and the Traditional Sesame loaf. Free bread will be supplied all day long, until daily stock runs out completely.

With this radical initiative VENETI is hoping to aid the deprived and vulnerable social groups: we are providing, during these difficult times, a basic product that is much-needed by the Greek family

Moreover, it should be reminded that as part of our company’s community work, and just like we have been doing for the last 4 years, VENETI stores are still giving away to the needy all unsold fresh products of the day - every day after 10pm.

Finally, it is worth noting that VENETI will secure the wages of its employees via cash - instead of bank - payments.

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