24.07.14 | Press

New "VENETI 1948" opened in Mykonos!

The fourth "VENETI 1948" store opened

its doors on the island of the winds.

A premium "VENETI 1948" store has just opened on Mykonos Island, in the area of Argyraina, on the road towards Ano Mera. The new "VENETI 1948" store, in a space of  600 square meters, offers a great range of all-day treats for the local residents and the tourists alike, including a delicious selection of breakfast goods, a rich coffee variety, fresh juices and sandwiches, signature desserts and ice creams, homemade meals, and an endless variety of bread and bakery products.

Our new "VENETI 1948" in Mykonos is the fourth store that opens as part of our premium "VENETI 1948" outlets, the first "VENETI 1948" having opened in the iconic NEON building (one of the largest bakeries in Europe), and two more "VENETI 1848" having opened in Kifissia.

In our new store, customers can start off their day by enjoying carefully selected coffee varieties, hot and cold beverages as well as breakfast menus at surprisingly low prices. Every choice can be accompanied with a wide range of artisan bakery products and delicious all-day sandwiches made with fresh, natural ingredients and top-quality bread.

Here our customers will be pleased to find the refreshing, natural juices and smoothies by GREEN: nutritious sorbets as well as fruit, fruit&chocolate and light-breakfast smoothies; four options that are suitable for all tastes and preferences. They are all great sources of vitamins and energy, the perfect treat after a sea bath.

In our new store, customers can also enjoy the finest patisserie creations with the Italian signature of CHRISTIANO V: fresh and natural ice cream, cakes, parfaits, macaroons, tarts and creations out of real Belgian chocolate.

"VENETI 1948" wouldn’t do without our fascinating bread variety coming from every region of Greece and Europe, such as the traditional Greek loaves, the monastery/Byzantine-type loaves, our bread alla Genovese, the pavè, and the Vienna bread.

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