A great business idea. A dynamically growing company.

Presentation of the company.

In 1948, Georgios Venetis, a young baker from Epirus, came to Athens and opened his first VENETI shop. Today, the company has a leading position in the production, trafficking and selling of food products.  

Combining tradition with evolution, Mediterranean with international flavours and top quality with the best possible variety of products, the company is a leader in the Greek market, shaping the field of taste in Greece.   

Today, VENETIS owns a network of more than 85 outlets - known as VENETIS stores - out of which 65 are franchised and 20 company-operated. Moreover, the company is particularly active in the closed market sector.

By looking ahead and by creating new growth prospects, our company is geared to an ambitious development plan for expansion of its outlet network throughout Greece. Our plan is to expand, by combining our corporate investments towards the renovation and the opening of new company-operated stores as well as the building of new partnerships through the practice of franchising.

VENETI Company, always a pioneer, established in 2010 and 2013 two new shop concepts: VENETI FOOD HALL and VENETI 1948.  An innovative Greek idea, appearing for the first time in the international map of taste, these pioneer shops operating as “MULTI-PURPOSE TASTE COURTS” absolutely successfully incorporate and manage many different taste concepts: bread, food, coffee, desert, ice-cream, fresh juices. In this way, they cover any and all diet and taste needs of the customers, throughout the day. 

Our services at your service

During our successful course in the area of franchising all these years we have managed to set new standards on the field. With consistency and perseverance, we have been investing in people, physical infrastructure, as well as new and innovative ideas. This is how we are constantly winning the appreciation of our customers, who put their trust in one of the field’s most recognized trademarks, every day.

The application of this concept together with a well-tested network of frequent and carefully coordinated supporting initiatives is the best guarantee for our continuous development, but also the development of the candidate-franchisee who chooses to be part of this successful journey. Supporting actions offer competitive advantages and privilege fresh entrepreneurs with investment confidence.  

Our company’s (the franchisor) responsibilities and services do not stop with the launch of a store. Services are provided during the launch but also afterwards and throughout the duration of this contractual relationship.  

-Evaluation and location selection

During the store evaluation and selection process, our company, based on the judgment of its expertise personnel, is providing its franchisees with advisory support. For evaluating a certain location, we take into account available data regarding the density of the local population, several demographic data, traffic levels, market statistics, the presence of malls and commercial centres, competition, the development of other stores, the types of local stores, purchase or building leasing costs and other factors too. 

-Initial training

To each new franchisee and their staff we are providing a minimum 60-day long training package which covers individual needs and various aspects of the VENETIS store operation, including areas such as management, operation, administration, accounting, marketing, customer care, sales, product preparation, hygiene regulations etc. The franchisor also bears the costs relating to the franchisee’s and the staff’s subsistence and food expenses. During training, candidates are not entitled to compensation. Here, it is worth noting that the VENETIS franchise training is a continuous process that lasts throughout this contractual relationship. 

-Setting up a store: guidelines and specifications

The company provides franchisees with full, detailed guidelines and specifications for design, set-up, space-organization, signage and merchandising issues and for the store’s technological, electrical and electronic equipment. Expenses relating to the architectural design, the supervision and construction works as well as to the set-up, signage and equipment materials and any other construction, set-up and equipment expenses are borne by the franchisor. 

-Helping with the store set-up and its operation

Our qualified people pay regular visits to all network outlets in order to provide support and troubleshooting for any problems and difficulties. 


We are regularly planning and implementing complete marketing packages as well as promotional and advertising campaigns, in order to increase sales and promote and enhance the visibility of our products, our services, our reputation and the network’s competition. At the same time, franchisees are receiving support and guidance for issues associated with advertising, customer attraction and the store’s public -local- relations.

-Central supply management

Franchisees can benefit from our company’s central supply system by quickly obtaining franchisor and other (approved) third-party products at competitive prices. This system will enable our partners to commit themselves to the supervision and running of their stores and to provide superb customer care.     

 Store management and franchise supervision

Throughout the duration of the Franchise Agreement and as part of his general responsibility to protect the quality of the products and services offered to consumers, and to secure a common and consistent management system for the franchise, the franchisor must:

Α) Inform the Franchisee about the policies, specifications and guidelines relating to the store’s financial, accounting and commercial set-up and operation. Communication with the Franchisee is taking place via visits by the company’s executives and via printed or electronic media and newsletters.

B) Regularly provide to the Franchisee advice and updates regarding the store’s management.

C) Share with the Franchisee Operation Manuals that have been specifically written for use by the Franchisees and which deal with the management of their stores. These manuals contain information regarding store management and include, amongst everything else, material such as management/procedure forms, the business’s description, human resources management info, information on goods ordering, details about the pricing policy and other administration and advertising guidelines.  

D) Exclusively provide, at wholesale prices, packaging and wrapping materials, bags, marketing materials etc.

E) Inform the Franchisee about specifications and guidelines dealing with the technological, electrical, electronic and IT equipment etc.

Franchisees are carrying the expenses and responsibility for running their stores daily, including Sundays and bank holidays, from 5am up until 10pm (including store preparation hours) and in accordance with the specifications provided by the franchisor. Changes regarding opening hours and dates, due to a particular local situation, can take place only further to the Franchisor issuing a permission document.

The Franchisor, in order to establish a common and consistent business through the network’s individual franchise stores, to fully implement his policies, specifications and guidelines, and to secure high standards for the available by the network outlets, products and services, is entitled to proceed with inspections carried out by the company’s representatives and inspectors. These Inspectors are responsible for laying down Audit Reports that enlist relevant remarks and observations.

The Franchisee must submit a monthly reportto the Franchisor. This must include sales reports, statistical data on customer transactions, data and information regarding local competition as well as additional data that can be potentially useful for the Franchisor and the franchise network.

Additionally, part of the telephone communication and the regular visits of the inspectors and the franchisor’s representatives to the network’s stores, are basic services provided to the franchisees such as:

 • Supporting public relations and the promotional and advertising activities required

• Monitoring developments in the industry and updating competition information

• Suggesting solutions and identifying problems and complications

• Supporting the management of the store’s human resources

• Identifying training needs, providing on-site training or planning relevant seminars, supporting the commercial operation etc.



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