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VENETIS ANONYMOUS INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL FOOD CORPORATION is a company formed under Greek law. It is based in Lykovrysi, Attica, on 9 Ag. Paraskevis Street. Through the practice of franchising, VENETIS gives the right to individuals (franchisees) who meet all necessary requirements to run a store in accordance with the franchisor’s specifications and business plan for selling the products known as ‘VENETIS Bakery’, in a specific location that can be chosen by the franchisee or the franchisor and must be approved by the franchisor.

The trademark name ‘VENETIS ANONYMOUS INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL FOOD CORPORATION’, the mark title ‘CHAR. VENETIS S.A.’, the sign ‘VENETIS Bakery’, the names of all VENETIS Bakery products and the reputation associated with the aforementioned, are all inextricably linked with the operation of stores that distribute all sorts of bakery, confectionery and other, similar, products.

Moreover, these stores accommodate an entire concept that has been developed and is continuously improved by the Franchisor. This concept secures, amongst everything else, unique know-how, our trademark, distinctive logos, standardization, as well as a series of requirements and specifications that must be followed in connection with certain products and procedures, the facilities and their management, the operation of the store, and finally, the implementation of a business and administration plan. The products and services available by VENETIS comprise a complete VENETIS franchise package and are unique to the VENETIS distribution network.

The Franchisor’s complete franchising system/package has acquired excellent reputation in Greece and abroad and great force in attracting customers (Good Will). Our franchising’s success relies on the exemplary uniformity and homogeneity that has been applied amongst stores in Greece that operate under the distinctive title ‘VENETIS’, not only in terms of the stores’ interior and exterior design, but also in terms of their management and the services provided.

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